Business Focus

While the Company deals in practically any commodity in any region, it is currently most active in foodstuff-led commodities such as grocery items, rice, pulses, sugar, spices etc.; and dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, pistachios, dates etc., as well as non-food items such as gold and diamond jewellery. The Company operates on a global platform and has the expertise to procure from the best sources and deliver them at fulfilment locales.

The Indian origins of the Company have little or no impact on its operations as it works on a global footprint. What this means is that the movement of commodities may not necessarily involve India as a sourcing or destination hub . Thus one may see a lot of trade routing between, say, Africa and USA, China and West Indies, Mexico and UK, Japan and South Africa, and so on.

There are two basic modes in which SRS Worldwide FZC does its business. The first option sees the Company import containers and shipping them out to the destinations on a wholesale trading basis. In the second model, the Company may use its brand name and expertise to its benefit: here, it re-packages the products in marketable packs and then ships them to the export destinations.